Welcome To Primetime Cowboys!

January 6, 2022

Welcome to Primetime Cowboys, the Border Fuel home for all things Dallas Cowboys. My name is Nolan Brooks and I am the managing editor of the Primetime Cowboys website!

Here you will find analysis on Cowboys games, injury/trade/free agency updates, predictions and much more! In this post I will introduce the inspiration behind this website and what I hope to achieve with the site.

Why the name “Primetime Cowboys”?

I chose this name because I felt that the way to describe the Cowboys has always been the same. “America’s Team”, “The Yankees of football”, and so many other names. This inspired me to highlight the Cowboys with the name “Primetime” because the celebrity and reputation surrounding Dallas are “Primetime”. Being a part of the passionate fandom that comes with the name “Dallas Cowboys” brings so much more to the table than most teams. This name represents the bold, passionate and driven side of the Cowboys fandom.

Brand Focus

Here at Primetime Cowboys, we are striving to provide a platform for passionate Dallas Cowboys writers to share their opinion on all things Cowboys. We want our brand to show the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the Cowboys all while boosting up the Cowboys brand and Border Fuel brand overall. Here we want you as a writer to voice your opinion and not be held back. Giving that open platform is an important part of making journalism stronger and that is one of our ultimate goals.

Content Schemes

Here at Primetime Cowboys, we want you to show that you are pissed off at the Cowboys or excited with them. Whether that comes in an analysis piece, prediction, betting piece, it all is a way to voice your Cowboys fandom and opinions. Here we will provide daily columns from amazing writers, editors, social media specialists, and hopefully much more. We are here to become the next big Cowboys page, so come join the squad!