Should The Cowboys Re-Sign Michael Gallup?

February 19, 2022

We have discussed who the Cowboys should not re-sign and now it is time to begin the discussion on who Dallas needs to bring back next year. One of the biggest names on the long list of Cowboys free agents is Michael Gallup. Gallup was plagued by injuries in 2021 and only played in nine games. In nine games, Gallup racked up 445 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Gallup is an integral part of the elite wide receiver trio in Dallas alongside CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper.

Gallup’s 2021 season began against Tampa Bay but an ankle injury sidelined Gallup for over two months. Once he returned, his only noteworthy game was a five-catch, 106-yard day against the Raiders on Thanksgiving. Gallup and Dak Prescott struggled to find a connection again. Then Gallup’s season fully ended after tearing his ACL against the Cardinals in Week 17. So, with all of that information, is Gallup set up to be re-signed, or will Dallas lose a key player from their offense? Let’s check it out.

Yes, Re-Sign Michael Gallup

Gallup’s four-year, $3,523,980 contract with Dallas from 2018 expired this season. If the money works out, re-signing him to another four-year deal should be a top priority. Gallup has become a top target for Dak Prescott over the years and that should not change. Gallup has accumulated 2,902 yards and 15 touchdowns in his young career.

Gallup’s best season is without a doubt the 2019 season where he finished with 1,107 yards and six touchdowns. Prior to 2021, Gallup only missed two games. But this should not sway Dallas away from him. He will bring an expensive price tag and I highly doubt he lowers his requested pay amount. Ideally, a one or two-year contract should be the next move here. Gallup has earned it with his play and he brings an element to that offense that is hard to replace.

This next deal can sit around 12-13 million per year which is feasible if other contracts are moved around as well. Dallas could restructure Prescott’s huge contract as well as Amari Cooper and DeMarcus Lawrence. If the money is moved around correctly, according to CBS, it could open up a hefty $39.68 million in cap space. That move would then put Dallas just over $18 million under the cap. Lastly, if Dallas only moved around Prescott and Lawrence’s contracts, they would open up over $27 million alone and not have to worry about cutting into Cooper’s money.

So with all that info, I think Dallas needs to re-sign Gallup. The funds are there, the talent is there and the need for him is there. All that can happen now is for Jerry Jones and company to make this big-time move.

No, Do Not Re-Sign Michael Gallup

The big kicker here is that he is coming off a major injury and might not be available for the start of the year. Second, despite being able to move money around, Gallup’s price tag might be just a little too much. Dallas just has to decide how badly they want Michael Gallup to remain a Dallas Cowboy. Dallas should not sign him to a short-term deal to keep him around. Either Dallas signs him to a big deal or they let him walk and I think Dallas is going to heavily consider letting him go. The price tag might be too high here when that money could be used elsewhere on other free agents.

Final Thoughts

I have mentioned this already but Michael Gallup is a key piece to the Cowboys’ offense. He brings abilities that make the offense better and you cannot replace that for cheap prices. While Gallup will want a heavy price tag, I think a serious conversation with Prescott, Lawrence, and Cooper needs to take place. Restructuring those big contracts to create cap room to keep the squad together should be a priority.

If Dallas is willing to part with some defensive free agents to keep Gallup around, then make it happen. I think Gallup has earned a long-term contract and wants to be here. The free-agent wide receiver options outside of Gallup are also rather expensive. Make this deal happen to keep that chemistry-built team together, simple as that.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys are going to re-sign Michael Gallup? Comment below and join the discussion!

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