The Expectations For Dak Prescott In 2022

March 28, 2022

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is coming off a very successful 2021 season. He broke the franchise record for most passing touchdowns in a single season, throwing 37.

Dak Prescott had a successful season throwing for 4,499 yards and only throwing ten interceptions. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the team. Dallas and Dak are coming off a disappointing end to 2021 when they lost to the 49ers in the Wildcard Round. Much was made of Dak’s QB draw with 14 seconds left, which ultimately cost the game as he burned off all the clock.

Heading into his seventh season as the starting quarterback, the former fourth-round pick is under pressure to perform when it matters most. As Dak only has one playoff victory in his career so far, coming in 2018 against Seattle. That being said, the expectations for Dak should increase in 2022.

No More Injuries

The most important thing for Dak is staying healthy. He had a lightning fast start to 2021 as he was on pace for record numbers. However, when he returned from his calf injury he sustained against New England, he was not the same. He only missed one game, against Minnesota, but you could tell he had lost his rhythm. There were games such as the Broncos and Raiders, where he looked stiff, and his throw was off. So he needs to avoid a third straight season of picking up an injury. From there he can build on his impressive numbers of the past few years.

NFC East Champions

Since Dak became the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, the team has not made back to back playoff appearances. Each year it seems Dallas are the clear favorite for the division but this year more than ever, is a must for 2022. Dallas should be the clear favorite with the much stronger roster, the best QB and coach. To not win the NFC East would be nothing short of a catastrophe for Dak and Dallas this year.

It would ring alarm bells about the future of both Prescott and McCarthy. Dak loves playing against the teams in the division he went 6-0 last year and is 25-6 overall since entering the league in 2016. Another perfect run is not out of the question. But this should be target number one, as this team needs more consistency and regular playoff appearances before thinking of Super Bowl glory.

Please Just One Playoff Win

Every year is our year with the Dallas Cowboys. But the truth is we have not reached the NFC Championship Game in a quarter-century. So far this offseason, Dallas seems to have the Super Bowl window slammed shut right in Dak’s face. However, his favorites are still here in Gallup, Lamb and Schultz.

Over the last year he has built up a good relationship with all three so the least we should expect from him and the team is one win in the playoffs. Dak only has one in his career that needs to change, we all love Dak and think he is our guy. But, now he needs to show us how great he is and get past the first hurdle in the playoffs.

His Expectations Are The Teams Expectations

If Dak can stay healthy and push the team to another NFC East title, all the individual accolades will come naturally. The last two seasons he has started fast and been on track for record-breaking yards and if he stays healthy he will hit them. The big target is 5,000 yards and with an extra game, he will surely break the touchdown record once again. When he plays well, the team will too.

Just Keep Being Dak

He is the face of the franchise, the leader of the team. Over these last six years, he has led this team exemplary and is a credit to this team. So my biggest expectation for Dak is to just keep being who he is. Lead the team forward and continue doing all he does for the community and city of Dallas. The formula to win with Dak is there, now it just needs to be executed correctly.

What are the expectations for Dak Prescott this year? Comment below and join the discussion!

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