Should The Cowboys Bring Back Dez Bryant?

April 18, 2022

Hello and welcome once again to another hypothetical situation for the Dallas Cowboys. The wide receiver position is one that has become a focus group. Whether Dallas decides to draft wide receivers or pick up more free agents, they need to do something. That being said, I already talked about a potential reunion with Dallas and Cole Beasley. But another name worth a reunion conversation is Dez Bryant. So, let’s take a look at if it makes any sense to bring back Dez.

What Dez Bryant Did For Dallas

In his seven year tenure with the Cowboys, Dez Bryant was far better than you think. He finished with 7,459 receiving yards and a franchise record 73 touchdowns. He also has three seasons where broke 1,000 yards receiving. His best season by far was the 2014 season where he accumulated 1,320 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns. Bryant was easily the best receiver Dallas has had since 2010.

Dez is most famous for being the recipient of a horrible call in 2014. Bryant made a crucial catch late in an NFC playoff game against the Packers that was reversed and ruled incomplete. Since then, there have been rules made about what constitutes a completed catch. Bryant’s catch was also ruled a catch three years later by the NFL Competition Commitee.

But besides that one horrible call, Bryant became on the best receivers in Cowboys history. Being the franchise leader in career touchdown catches, fifth all time in yards and third all time in receptions, is no fluke. Bryant might not be the best to dawn number 88 for Dallas but he sure deserves a spot in the conversation right?

Yes, Bring Back Dez

Ideally, Dez Bryant is in football shape and could be brought back. Is he at the same athletic level as before? Maybe, maybe not but he at least deserves a shot. Dallas has about $15 million left in cap space after their recent signings. Dez definetely does not deserve a huge contract but a veteran deal for a year would be great. Bring in Dez to find out what he can offer and if it does not work out then hes only their for a year.

Ideally, Dez could become a solid WR3 behind CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup. But with Gallup still dealing with his ACL recovery, Dez could step into a WR2 spot. I know Dallas signed James Washington and they also have Noah Brown but Dez could help. Dez is a bigger frame receiver who can make key possession catches. He would not be the deep threat like he used to be, instead he would become the middle of the field/10-yard route guy.

Again, he does not need a huge contract to play on. Bring him in on a cheap veteran deal for a year and test out his abilities. I think he can contribute to this offense and find his footing in the NFL again. I would welcome Dez back in a heart beat. My only question is what number would he wear?

No, Do Not Bring Back Dez

I do not see this as a realistic signing at all. Dez is past his time as a valuable player in the NFL. Sure he is in football shape but I do not see him contributing to Dallas. With guys like CeeDee and Michael Gallup around as well as Dalton Schultz, he would disappear in the offense. In 70 games with Romo throwing to him, Bryant accumulated 73.3 yards per game. With Prescott throwing to him, Bryant racked up only 56.3 yards per game. I’m not saying that is a bad thing but its another reason this reunion might not work out.

This Cowboys offense has slowly morphed into a hybrid combo. Between splitting touches for Zeke and Tony Pollard and Dak trying to find CeeDee and Dalton Schultz, Dez would struggle to find a role. Even with Gallup mending injuries, I still do not See Dez being incorporated quickly in this offense. Unless Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore are willing to change things to accomodate Dez, do not sign him.

Final Verdict: Bring Dez Back To Dallas

Would I love to see Dez catching touchdowns with a Dallas star on his helmet? You’re damn right I would! Dallas needs veteran leadership and with the leftover cap space, why not bring him back? Another guy catching the ball to boost the offense is never a bad thing. I want Dallas to recognize when a reunion with a player would benefit them. That time is now and I think Dez would play well on a one year deal.

Integrate Dez into this offense and I do not see him failing. If that leads to another contract past one year, then so be it. Dallas needs to take advantage of a solid roster and if they can build one now, make it happen. Sometimes familiar faces bring new opportunities and Dez would fit in. I hate sounding like a broken record but I would enjoy this reunion very much. Would Dez rock a new number? Maybe a new number would be a revival thing for him.

Should Dallas bring Dez Bryant back for a revival tour? Comment below and join the discussion!

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