Should The Cowboys Trade For Deebo Samuel?

April 20, 2022

With the shocking news that Deebo Samuel has requested a trade from the 49ers, many teams are now deciding if they should trade for him. Most of the teams that should be in the market are teams with large amounts of draft picks this year. Deebo brings a heavy price tag for whoever gets him but would get a high-value utility player. So which team is the most intriguing? None other than the Dallas Cowboys.

Before you get upset as to why Dallas would do this, let’s think about it. So sit back, relax and hear me out on why trading for Deebo makes sense.

Draft Capital Will Help

The Cowboys have nine draft picks this year. They have five fifth-round picks which could be useful. We have seen Dallas make a move like this before. Remember when Dallas traded away a first-round pick for Amari Cooper? The way I see it, if Dallas wants to make that final splash in free agency, here it is.

Trade away our picks in rounds one, three, and maybe a couple of fifth-round picks. Are you sacrificing what could be helpful draft picks? Yes but you are also picking up a high-quality player for the offense. Losing Amari Cooper was big but here is another elite player. Dallas can manage to draft later and find what they need.

Should Dallas Trade For Deebo Samuel?

In full honesty, I would not mind if this trade happened. Will it cost? Yes absolutely, I already mentioned that. Is it worth it in the long run? You bet it is considering Dallas needs another playmaker. Obviously, I enjoy seeing Dallas draft key pieces. However, if picking up Deebo requires only say a first and third-round pick, TAKE IT. This is a golden opportunity for Dallas to put their name in that “serious contender” category.

Final Thoughts

If this trade happens, I personally will be happy and I’m sure some of Cowboys nation will be as well. This will be a hefty price tag of a trade. It will cost some high-value draft picks if not more. If Dallas wants to be a serious contender and player in free agency, here is the move. As this story develops it will be important to keep an eye on where Deebo goes or if the 49ers even decide this trade ever happens.

Should Dallas go and trade for Deebo Samuel? Comment below and join the discussion!

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