The Cowboys Ink An Unbelievable Deal With TelevisaUnivision On Media Rights

August 16, 2022

The Dallas Cowboys as one of the first teams to venture into Mexico scored a touchdown to start the media rights deals with TelevisaUnivision. The Cowboys will be giving them content while the Mexican media leader is giving the Cowboys connections and increasing brand awareness.

Dallas Cowboys Owner, President, and General Manager, Jerry Jones is excited to push his team into the Mexican culture and possibly become Mexico’s Team now. The Dallas Cowboys have agreed to a three-year media rights deal with TelevisaUnivision.

Starting This Deal Up

The media company’s streaming service, Vix showed the first preseason game against the Denver Broncos. It was shown in Mexico as a start to the deal. The exclusive broadcast rights to all Dallas’ preseason games in Mexico will be shown by the Spanish-speaking network.

There will also be weekly supplementary content created in the preseason and during the season. This will include interviews, different training camp reports, and behind-the-scenes access to players and coaches. This will give Mexican fans unprecedented access to the team. Jerry Jones stated, “The Dallas Cowboys proudly continue to innovate ways to reach out to our dedicated Mexican fanbase.”

Developing The Cowboys’ Reach Into Mexico

The big aspect of the deal is that TelevisaUnivision is supposed to help the Cowboys further develop their reach, and presence and grow their sales in Mexico. The Cowboys will continue to build its fanbase outside of the United States with this partnership.

Marco Liceaga, senior vice-president of TelevisaUnivision’s sports growth enterprises said, “With 55 years of tradition in the country, the Dallas Cowboys are more than just an NFL team. They are Mexico’s NFL team.” This deal represents the biggest one yet by the NFL team under the league’s new international marketing program. The league’s program allows teams to sell local media and sponsorship rights in certain other countries that mirror the rights they can sell in their home markets.

Taking Advantage Of Being The First

The Cowboys are one of the nine NFL teams to have Mexico as an International Home Marketing Area. Liceaga also said, “We’re focusing 100% on the Cowboys. We haven’t approached any other club, and no other club approached us. So we decided for the foreseeable future, for the scope of this partnership, we will only work with the Cowboys, and likewise, the Cowboys will not work with anyone else in the territory.”

Background on TelevisaUnivision

In January, Televisa and Univision closed their $4.8 billion merger. They grew revenues 11% year-over-year in the second quarter to $1.1 billion but had a $7.5 million loss. Heavy spending on ViX was their reason for the loss. ViX was launched in March which is their streaming service. TelevisaUnivision is the company that holds the rights to UEFA’s Euro 2024 and 2028 soccer tournaments, MLS, La Liga, Liga MX, Copa America, and Copa MX. It is called the “home of soccer” in Mexico.

My Take

I guess I was shocked that Mexico wasn’t already a market that Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys had tapped into. It appears to be a great deal for both parties. With the Cowboys getting help from TelevisaUnivision, they should be able to reach more households quicker with their content about the team. This bodes well for all Dallas fans living south of the border. TelevisaUnivision will benefit greatly from the partnership by increasing the value of ViX. Plus with a three-year media rights deal and being the first NFL team to do a deal in Mexico, it should give the Cowboys a big advantage over other NFL teams. Hopefully, it will create new lifelong Dallas Cowboys fans.