Will Micah Parsons Have A Devastating Sophomore Slump In Year Two?

August 20, 2022

The dreaded sophomore slump is a common pitfall for athletes. A lot of rookies, come in hot and then fall short of expectations in their second season. But will Micah Parsons be one of them?

Micah Parsons is arguably one of the best rookies the Dallas Cowboys have drafted, in the past twenty years. He had a great rookie season, and showed amazing versatility for a first year player. Many people thought he might be the only rookie since Lawrence Taylor to win both defensive rookie of the year, and the defensive MVP. He fell short of that accomplishment, but not by much. T.J. Watt won the defensive MVP, but Micah came in second. It was an impressive season for him, to say the least.

This season brings a new challenge though, and things aren’t as easy when other teams have enough film on someone. They’re no longer a surprise, they’re now a known threat. How they re-adjust to these adjustments will make or break a player, moving forward. Will Micah be able to avoid this sophomore slump pitfall?

The Sophomore Slump Is Real

Complacency and overconfidence are usually the culprits, when someone goes through a sophomore slump. Satisfaction and comfort don’t necessarily have to be your enemies, if you want to avoid a slump. They just need to be thought of as friends that can lead you down the wrong path, if you’re not careful. I like to think of them as someone that’s nice to have around every once in a while, but they just can’t stay. No sleeping on my couch, or eating my food. When bedtime comes, it’s time to go.

The sophomore slump doesn’t come for all of us, but it does come for some of us. I’ve had one myself. My Freshman year of high school I had a 3.5 GPA. My Sophomore year it dipped to a 2.5. I was a little arrogant and overconfident from all the praise I got for doing well, my Freshman year. Couple that with simply being asked to do more as a Sophomore than a Freshman, and it was the perfect recipe for my slump.

The slump was all my fault, in the end. I just got lazy and complacent.

Micah Has The Perfect Attitude To Avoid a Slump

Micah is a very confident guy. He’s not a braggart though. He understands that the work comes first, and that if you put in the work the glory will follow. He wants to win at everything, but doesn’t think it should be easy. His competitive nature and work ethic have already been compared to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. That’s really high praise, but he’s definitely earned it.

So, I don’t really see overconfidence or complacency being a problem for him. He is well balanced, and driven. There shouldn’t be a sophomore slump, because Micah is well equipped for avoiding one. His mental game looks to be just as sharp as his physical game.

Expectations Are High This Season

Micah has really set the bar high. He recorded 13 sacks last season. That’s a very good season, even for a veteran. So, those expectations may set him up for the perception of a sophomore slump, even if he doesn’t actually have one. Sports fans, and especially Cowboys fans, can be impatient and unreasonable sometimes. I feel confident that Micah understands this though, and I think it will drive him to try and outdo himself this season.

Fortunately, he isn’t the type to be counting his stats to get there. Usually when he is asked about it in practice or camp he talks about how there is a count, but that he isn’t paying that close of attention to it. That’s the perfect way to get better. Knowing that there is a goal to achieve, but not obsessing over the big picture, is exactly how it’s done. He takes it one play at a time, and is always striving to get better.

The sophomore slump, just like opposing Quarterbacks, doesn’t stand a chance against Micah. He’s properly armored and ready for whatever may come his way.